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Mechanical Fuel Pump


For this fuel system the fuel transfer pump draws fuel from the tank and pressure rises it. This pressure permits the fuel to flow through the single filter and charge the transfer pump located in the injection pump. Next the injection pump plungers pressurize the fuel. Delivery pressure lines route the high pressure fuel to the fuel injection nozzles.
Mechanical Fuel Pump
Fuel enters the injection nozzle at a pressure which easily overcomes the pressure required to open the nozzle valve. When the nozzle valve opens fuel is forced out through the orifices in the nozzle tip and atomizers as it enters the combustion chamber. Incorporated into the fuel system is a means of returning excess or unused fuel back to the fuel tank. The quantity of fuel greater than that required by the engine is supplied to the fuel injection pump So fuel is routed to a return line from the Palm.

I’m used fuel from the fuel injection nozzles is also routed back to the fuel tank. To get the excess fuel back to the tank a return line from the injection pump is connected to the middle of the nozzle leak off line. Fuel from both sources is then returned to the tank by a return pipe connected to the front end of the leak off pipe.