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GPS monitoring

There are many companies, ready to install the most advanced satellite control system on their cars. The systems perform continuous gps-monitoring of car from any distance, as it works on the principle of GPS-navigation. This system is able not just to give you reliable information on the location and telemetry (engine speeds, fuel consumption), but also to defining the attitude of the driver to your vehicle (the sharpness of braking, the careless passage of dips in the road).

gps monitoring

GPS- monitoring of car is the most effective way to reduce the transport costs of the company, which has at least one vehicle. Only using GPS monitoring you can exactly determine the drivers’ “free time” and load them with the additional orders. The made addition of mileage by the workers and cheating of speedometers are excluded. The unpunished leaking of large amounts of oil will no longer be an issue. The system allows you to get different kinds of sensor: flowing, level, capacitive, nozzle, non-contact and ultrasound.