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Car audio How to correctly choose


Before you choose a car audio, you need to decide on the priorities of the criteria for selecting the required model, its features and specifications.

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The choice of car audio in most cases is associated with the replacement of outdated or broken model, therefore, the car owner already has an idea about their preferences and wishes with regard to the functionality of the new car audio.

Depending on the instrument panel and the seat, the body type is defined immediately – single (1DIN), with a height of 50 mm, or the double (2DIN), a body height of 100 mm.

After selecting the body it is necessary to determine the format of receipt of the record, which is determined by the type of information carrier – DVD- or CD-drives, USB-flash drives, SD-memory card.

Car audio of budgetary cost can be operated with a maximum of two formats of storage media, but the more expensive models can process signals from all types of media, which is reflected in the inscription on the front or back panels of «CD / DVD / USB / SD».